Buying a Winnebago


There is nothing better than the great outdoors. Camping is great but what if you want or need a little more luxury? Our vote goes to buying a Winnebago. This is an icon of American culture, recognised throughout the world. It has as much space and comfort as any semi-outdoors type could need. On top of that, there is loads of space to store your Six Essential Survival Items for Any Emergency

A brief History of Winnebago

Starting up production in 1958 Winnebago has been at the forefront of steel chassis motor homes ever since. There is a wide range of products from the huge A-class to the more reasonable campervan. These beauties rarely come up for sale in the UK and when they do serious bidding competition can result.

Buying a Winnebago: UK Availability

There are less than a handful of dealers in the UK, these beasts are obviously designed for the open roads and wide space of the USA. They do occasionally become available on the second-hand market, making them more achievable.

A quick search of auto trader can up with cam up with five results ranging from £40,000 to £165,000. Even on the second hand market you can see that they hold their value and are not cheap. Buying new givesyou the option of dealer finance.

Financing a Purchase in the UK

Most people who aspire to a Winnebago or not in the position to buy one new, even with finance. The second-hand market is an option, but some second-hand model cost more than a house. So how can you get yourself a Winnebago?

One way to finance such a major purchase is by releasing some of the equity in your home. There are two ways to do this. The first is a remortgage to raise finance. The second way is to raise funds through a second charge. Companies such as found on the internet can help you find a range of deals that are best suited to your needs. Happy hunting for your Winnebago.